Cluster 009



A new series of marbled compositions. Minimal clusters of color forms a central body fragment that aims to explore and synthesize the essence of the enigmatic complexity of the marbled papers patterns.
Elemental organic shapes that originates from interaction of fluid dynamics and chemical reactions, are captured from liquid surface in a sheet of paper using same techniques, tools and some of the materials used in the production of the early marbled papers, during the last centuries.
The paper is Arches Watercolor, hot pressed, 100% cotton, 300 gsm / Size of paper is 76 x 76 cm / Size of marbled composition varies from 23 to 30 cm diameter / Signed, titled and dated on the backside.

Cluster #009: This marbled pattern is known as the Italian Hair. It is made by first throwing the colors that will become the fine veins or "hairs" of the pattern. Next it is thrown a mixture of water, soap and alcohol. This solution makes the colors contract in fine lines, making a lacy and delicate pattern. Here I used black, brown, dark red, green and blue, followed by the "sprinkling water" and tiger eyes applied last. (Josef Halfer, Progress of the marbling art, English edition, 1893, p.74).

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